Africans to Geldof: We don’t need another Band Aid solution
By: Ernest Danjuma Enebi
Nov 11, 2014

Tom Murphy interviewed cofounder Solome Lemma on Bob Geldof’s announcement that BandAid30 would re-realease the infamous Do they know its Christmas? celebrity charity song:

It is just not true that these people are helpless. Since the beginning of the outbreak Guineans, Sierra Leoneans and Liberians have organized themselves,” said Lemma. “They are not standing on the sidelines waiting for Bob to come and save them.”

Unlike the latest edition of Band Aid, the partner organizations are the most important part of Africa Responds. Lemma stressed the importance of a community-rooted approach to responding to the Ebola crisis. Supporters of Africa Responds will contribute to the work of Africare, FACE Africa, THINK and HOPE. It stands in contrast to the money spent on the new Geldof song that will go to ‘charity.’



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