Join us

We need your help to make this campaign a success. Join us! Here is how:


  • Donate: Every dollar counts. Please donate today!
  • Fundraise: Are you thinking about doing a fundraiser? Do you have a birthday or any celebratory occasion coming up? Please use these opportunities to support for Africa Respond’s Ebola campaign! We can help you with messaging and communications.
  • Communicate: The success of the campaign depends on the number of people it reaches. Please your social media platforms to engage your audience on the campaign and the work of our partners on a regular basis. We will help with drafting the concept.
  • Volunteer: We need help running the campaign. Do you have time on your hands? Join our team!
  • Write: Are you working on Ebola? Do you have a story to share? Do you want to reframe the dialogue from one that is fear-based to a discourse that is nuanced and contextualized. Please blog!


Is your organization interested in partnering with Africa Responds? Join us and become a Core Driver.

What are Core Drivers and what are you looking for?

Core Drivers are organizations that will sponsor the campaign and drive it towards success by mobilizing their networks and resources.

What are the Responsibilities of Core Drivers? 

Core Drivers can choose their engagement from the following list of responsibilities. 


  • An important goal of the campaign is to raise resources to support community-rooted organizations. Core Drivers can contribute directly to the campaign or set internal fundraising goals that they will mobilize from their members and communities. We can work with you to help you determine the right goals for your organization or affiliation.

Communications and outreach (required for all Core Drivers)

  • The success of the campaign depends on our ability to reach large masses of people. Core drivers will share the campaign with their networks on a regular basis and adopt campaign as part of their Ebola response. This includes sharing the campaign on Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as sending regular updates through listservs.