Meet the Liberian girls beating back the spread of ebola
By: Ernest Danjuma Enebi
Nov 12, 2014

This week, AR weekly tweet chat topic focused on how the ebola crisis has been covered in the media. One thing that has stood our for us, are the unending well-written stories of local heroes – not international players – but local staff, communities and individuals exercising their agency in a time of need. In this piece, The Daily Beast focuses on a group of girls in Liberia who have taken it upon themselves, to raise awareness within their communities on the dangers posed by the ebola virus:

Two hundred girls are weaving in and out of dirty alleys in the seaside slum of West Point, Liberia. One man, straddling a large drum, keeps time as their voices rise in song: “Believe it, people, Ebola can kill.” Passers-by emerge from concrete buildings to watch the girls, now nearly dancing down the dirt roads in rows of two. One voice rises above the others: “Let’s come together to stop Ebola.”

The march, held Sept. 17, marked the official launch of Adolescents Leading an Intense Fight Against Ebola, or A-LIFE. Made up of girls aged 16-19 and a handful of boys around the same age, the group was formed to spread awareness and education about Ebola to help curb its spread in their community. The group members came up with the name themselves and launched their mission on their own. They have already reached more than 4,000 homes in West Point.



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