Solome Lemma featured in Russia Today recap of ’60 Minutes’ ebola backlash
By: Ernest Danjuma Enebi
Nov 11, 2014

AR Cofounder Solome Lemma’s tweets were featured in a post on Russia Today, which covered the backlash against a feature story on Liberia and ebola by journalist Lara Logan and aired on the 60 Minutes program.

In the report, Logan detailed the precautions she and her crew took while in Liberia, including being hosed down with a chlorine solution, having temperature taken often, and avoiding physical human contact. The crew was accompanied by a CBS security worker who watched closely the crew’s movements and interactions to blunt any possibility of infection.

The report, though, fielded criticism for lacking interviews with any Liberians or Africans, as it focused only on American doctors and virus experts who, Logan said during the piece, “could bring to light the suffering of Liberians.”




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