Tweetchat Wednesday: A look at the missing and competing narratives in the latest ebola PSAs
By: Ernest Danjuma Enebi
Nov 19, 2014

This week, we’ve been witness to some of the worst ebola messaging and as well the launch of what could be very interesting public service announcements (PSAs). Bob Geldof’s much derided re-recording of Do they know its Christmas? was released this week, ONE Campaign launched their celebrity and local actors “waiting” PSA this morning. And, not to be outdone, Africa Responds also put out our very first PSA this morning.

In today’s tweet chat discussion, we dig into the missing and competing narratives surrounding the latest PSAs. Geldof’s effort was roundly criticized for misrepresentation. ONE’s campaign made an effort to include the faces of the very frontline workers we here at AR are supporting, along with the usual celebrity contingent.

While all these efforts are needed to “raise awareness,” how can we make sure that we do it better and set precedence for future messaging campaigns.

Some thoughts to think about in this discussion:

  • What are we to make of Bono’s participation in both ONE’s new campaign and Bob Geldof’s misguided effort?
  • What are the missing storylines in the latest PSAs?
  • Are Africans doing enough to be part of the conversation?
  • With the rise in visibility of Africans in the media (especially those against misguided campaigns like Geldof’s, are celebrity efforts, helping or stealing our agency?

We’ll discuss all this and more today at 12pm EST.

When: Wednesday, Nov 19th
Time: 12:00pm EST
Twitter Handle: @AfricaResponds
Hashtags: #AfricaResponds #UnitedAgainstEbola





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